Traveling Necessities


By Ale Sharpton

Guest editor Ale Sharpton provides us with his travel must-haves when flying around the world finding us the best places to sip beer.

Traveling is truly a passion of mine, and throughout the years, I have become fond of these totable companions when I do so. To narrow down the list, I went with what I could carry onto the plane to make it easier on you—and me. Enjoy and happy travels!

Eddie Bauer Expedition Drop Bottom Rolling Duffel

Virtually anything that’s bought at an Eddie Bauer store can be returned after wear and tear with no questions asked. Since that’s the case, why not get a rolling duffel, since it gets the most abuse during extensive travel? I have had an EB bag for almost two decades and have replaced it in different locations throughout the US every couple of years. You won’t have to do it often, however, due to the high quality; but when it’s necessary, you’ll appreciate the initial investment even more. I proudly have three rolling duffels in different sizes; the medium fits in overhead flight compartments with no problems.

Halls Defense Assorted Citrus Flavored Dietary Supplement Drops

Obviously, keeping the mouth fresh is imperative. The citrus flavor is not only tasty but also packs vitamin C and is nowhere as medicinal in taste as other drops.

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars

I don’t do breakfast often, so I roll with a couple of these delicious Nature Valley Granola Bars made with peanut butter alternatives like almond and cashew butter. When on the go and feeling peckish, these chewy, sweet and savory bars are my truth.

Oral-B Glide + Scope Outlast Floss Picks

What an awesome hybrid: Keep your teeth clean with the waxed “Glide” string and your mouth “Scope”-fresh with these mint-flavored flossers complete with a flexible pick at the bottom for those hard-to-get morsels. Even more of a win, the bag is resealable.

Troubadour Wireless Over Ear Headphones

I always need beats to drown out undisciplined yappers and crying babies or simply to rock one of my Spotify playlists, so these noise-cancelling headphones with Bluetooth capability help maintain my sanity. The detachable cord plugs into seat monitors for optimal sound, plus there’s a built-in mic to phone loved ones that you landed in one piece, and they even exceed eight hours of battery life. The African Zebrawood paneling and “vegan leather” ear pads boost style points significantly.


Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Pretty self-explanatory, but I will emphasize this fact: planes can be serious germ hosts. I’ve seen folks scrub down the entire seat including trays and all before sitting, but I’m good with a quick pump of this refreshing gel before eating the flight’s pretzels and Biscoff cookies.


Kavu Rope Sling Bag

Sling bags with different compartments are highly practical, help avoid the “murse” look (if that bothers you), and are small enough to store in a bigger carry-on bag in case you have to consolidate to meet the two-bag max. I never leave home without one. The aforementioned Eddie Bauer brand and these guys—Kavu—make some damn good ones in different flavors. Bonus: they can carry up to a 750 ml bottle when you’re off to a bottle share. Just sayin’.


Hat Club 6 Hat Carrier

I rock hats all the time and take at least three with me, but flat brims are especially subject to being dented, crushed, and ultimately destroyed when things get rough. This ingenious hard plastic contraption with a 100-percent polyester neoprene cover keeps up to six crowns safe, dry, and snug—plus it comes with clips to attach to your backpack or luggage.


And don’t forget—you’ll be lost without a portable charger, a lightweight cotton hoodie, a neck pillow, sample bottles of perfume or cologne (Creed is my fave), and a bottled water you’ll want to pick up after clearing security.