The Hip Abduction Announces New Album To the Ends of the Earth

The Hip Abduction—a band fueled by African rhythms, dub spirit, and roots soul—are stoked to announce the release of To the Ends of the Earth, available everywhere on Aug. 9. This release, a sonic expedition past genre barriers, aiming to guide listeners towards anthemic bliss, is the band’s fourth full-length independent album. The band, David New (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Chris Powers (Bass), Dave Johnson (Baritone, Tenor Saxophone), Cody Moore (Keyboards), Matt Poynter (Drums, Vocals), and Justino Walker (Guitar), call St. Petersburg, FL home and mined an expansive well of local and global influences to sharpen their signature style on To the Ends of the Earth. New describes the sound best as, “an ethereal journey to the ends of the earth,” after which the album was named. The band, along with producers Jackson Hoffman and Ryder Stuart, set out to create a timeless record, remembering back to their early days of informal jam sessions. “It helped us come to terms with who we are as a band, defining our sound. We weren’t trying to sound like anything but ourselves,” says New. To the Ends of the Earth is available for pre-order now.
The bulk of To the Ends of the Earth was self-recorded at The Lala Mansion in Tampa, FL before heading to New York to finish the album alongside producers Hoffman and Stuart. The process, of which New says “was the best production experience of my career,” was organic and natural, much like the resulting record. The record opens with “Float,” a steady rhythmic bop with relaxed verses and a hummable hook of “Drift away, float with me,” sets the mood for the 10 songs to follow; part beach banger, part reggae, and part pop anthem. “Let’s Take a Ride,” quite possibly the ultimate modern road-tripping tune, follows with its catchy whistled melody and cinematic storytelling. “The ride is a way to come to terms with everything and change what’s next,” says New, who wrote the song about a young couple who goes their separate ways after high school and their revelations on what is really important in the long run. Speaking of anthems, a sure-to-be-fan-favorite “Welcome to the Party” blends upbeat vocal delivery, finger snaps, and sunny production as it nods to a timeless spirit on the refrain, “Welcome to the party, smoking Bob Marley, on a magic carpet, banging on drums, and loving everyone.”
The Hip Abduction has hit a new stride with To the Ends of the Earth, further refining their songcraft into an album that flows effortlessly from beginning to end, touching on subjects not easily trodden by their contemporaries without ever losing the good vibes that envelope the album. The band will carry these vibes into a nation-wide tour in August and September, hitting the southeast and west coast with stops in New Orleans, Nashville, Charleston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more.


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