Slim & Husky’s: These Pies Are Fly

slim and husky

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria isn’t just slinging pies and pouring beers in gentrifying Atlanta neighborhoods. The locations are specifically selected because the owners—a trio of African-Americans who attended the HBCU Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee—are mindful of where they do business.

Sure, their first Atlanta location is on Howell Mill Road, because as partner Clinton Gray says, “It was too good to pass up.” But Gray and partners Derrick Moore, and Emanuel Reed will officially open a second location soon in the Adair Park/West End area, which, much like their original post in the Nashville-area, has been home to a large population of African-Americans for decades, though it is now undergoing rapid growth and change.

slim and husky

Even the Howell Mill location puts what some call “Old Atlanta” on full display. Perhaps an easier way to say this is that you don’t see murals of iconic hip-hop acts like Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, and T.I. in west Atlanta restaurants like, say, The Optimist, which is just a few blocks south of Slim & Husky’s. And those Atlanta-specific details don’t stop at the design; they’re also evident in both the pizza and the beer menus—the latter of which was created in collaboration with Atlanta beer expert Dennis “Ale Sharpton” Byron. They’ve got all-Georgia-based craft beers on tap, including the POG Basement IPA by Scofflaw, the popular Pilsner-style Emergency Drinking Beer from Wild Heaven, and an IPA called “Sweet Auburn” from Khonso, a black-owned brewing company based in the metro Atlanta area.

Those all pair with one of Slim & Husky’s eight signature pies, from the spicy margherita “Red Light Special” and the vegan “Nothin’ But a ‘V’ Thang” to the meat-lover’s “Cee No Green,” which is topped with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, and other animal-based proteins.

Gray, Moore, and Reed now have three locations in Nashville and plan to not only open the West End location this fall, but also another spot in Tennessee—this time in the Edge District of Memphis. With so much growth, a huge social media following, and care being taken to make sure they’re as selective with local beer as they are with the quality of their ovular pizzas, the chances of success not just continuing, but exploding is definitely more on the husky side than slim.