Crosstown Brewery continues to grow and evolve a Q & A with co-owner Will Clark


Crosstown Brewery continues to grow and evolve:

A Q & A with co-owner Will Clark

By Jeff Hulett

It’s hard to believe Crosstown Brewery is coming up on its third anniversary. It seems like yesterday they were brewing their now celebrated and highly revered Siren and Traffic brews in their basement in the shadows of the redeveloped Sears building.

The brewery, located in the far northwest side of the Concourse campus, is 10,000 square feet of functional, real estate that welcomes not only residents and tenants of the historic Crosstown Concourse redevelopment, but also serves as a family-friendly beacon for people all over the city.

“Atmosphere is everything. Our proximity to Crosstown Concourse is amplified by the modern industrial aesthetic that we were looking for. Concourse’s focus on the arts, healthcare, and education draws a group of people who are unique and interesting. There is a passion to make a difference around here. You can feel it,” said Clark.

As far as burgeoning partnerships are concerned, Crosstown Brewery has already partnered with Crosstown tenants French Truck and Area 51 Ice Cream. With so many unique tenants in the building, the opportunities are endless.

Besides serving up beer, Crosstown Brewery also hopes to be intimately involved in improving the overall experience at Crosstown.

“The fact that we’re here binds us together and brings a sense of community that    is truly thrilling. I think the kinds of people you’ll meet when you come to our taproom will also set us apart,” said Clark.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Clark and hear about the latest and greatest developments coming out of their unique brewery.

  1. Word on the street is you are expanding to Nashville – what prompted this exciting news? 

We’re nearly three years into our journey and we’ve been getting great feedback from Mississippi and Arkansas, where we’ve already been distributing our beers. Nashville brings great opportunity and great challenges. The craft scene there is really developed and extremely competitive. We’re excited to bring our brand to those customers and show them how strong Memphis beer can be!

2. What other news do you have regarding growth? 

We’re experiencing tremendous growth across our markets. We’re bringing in new tanks for extra capacity, doubling down on our quality control efforts, and adding a new sales representative to cover the Eastern Tennessee territories.  We’ve added a third year round beer, Ocansey Memphis Pale Ale.  We built our brewery for growth and it feels fantastic to watch our beers light up faces in new places all the time.

3. Do you plan on opening another Memphis location? 

 We’re not planning on opening another location any time soon.  Crosstown Brewing is so strongly rooted in a sense of place that we can’t envision being anywhere else at this time.  The Crosstown neighborhood is a part of our passion and our identity.  Our taproom has become a hub for local clubs, organizations, and neighbors.  Watching the growth of that space has been a true joy and for now we’re going to stick to our Crosstown roots.

4. How is the Crosstown location treating y’all? What big plans do you have for this summer? 

 Having a brewery at Crosstown Concourse is even better than we ever dared to imagine.  Because of our proximity to that development, we seem to get a lot of people that are in the neighborhood for many more reasons than just grabbing a beer.   Watching the looks on people’s faces when they see our facility and taste our beers for the first time is one of the things that keep us going.

5. Any new brews on the horizon we need to know about? 

 One of my favorite things about continuing to grow and thrive is that it allows us to make the beers that we REALLY love.  We just released Howdah, our New England Style IPA and it’s already become one of the best selling beers in our taproom.  Our next seasonal release will be Terraplane German Style Pilsner.  As we push into the warmer months, we’ll release the Boat Drinks Series.  This will be a Pina Colada inspired Berliner Weiss and a Margarita Gose (Our hard core fans may remember this one).  We’ve got a lot going on and we can’t wait to get these beers out into the world!

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Jeff Hulett is a freelance writer, musician, and PR consultant in Memphis. He lives in the Vollintine Evergreen neighborhood with his wife Annie, two girls Ella and Beatrice, and two dogs Chalupa and Princess Freckles.


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