Beersgiving Honoring Passion and Sacrifice on Black Friday


Beersgiving Honoring Passion and Sacrifice on Black Friday

There are individuals fighting for our joyful experience of life; some sacrifice; some serve. Introducing Beersgiving, a series of events launching Black Friday that will highlight the unsung voices of individuals who are pouring out their hearts in uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous environments to create the possibilities for all that we indulge in as Americans.

Those individuals are quietly stressed out and often don’t get to enjoy the very thing they are fighting for. Therefore, Beersgiving is providing a blank canvas for experienced brewers and chefs to create without the pressures of creating a product to sell. With Beersgiving brewers and chefs pull from their experiences to create items they have dreamed of sharing with the world without the pressures of commercial resale. They get to directly engage with those who are indulging in their artistic feats. Who better to indulge in such a delight than those who give up the most on a daily basis, Military Families.

“Beersgiving pairs two very important parts of my life and shows me they can coexist. Beersgiving does such a great thing, connecting people from all walks of life under two common bases. There have been times I felt I had to choose between my military career or my career in the beer industry. Beersgiving shows me that my fight is bigger than me. Beersgiving inspires me to remain dedicated to working hard at my craft.”

– Sergeant Airelle Peters, Head Brewer: Montgomery, Alabama

“The greatest reward I get from my career only comes through observation. I love when I can see my guests’ reactions when the dish arrives at their table. I live to see them take photos of their plates and rejoice when they take that first bite with a positive reaction. There is always that wonderful moment after a catering, when a guest thanks us for helping make their family’s special day even more perfect.”

– Presenting Chef Jenny, the Queen of Beers: Oakland, California

Beersgiving is for professionals who feel like sometimes they don’t get to enjoy the passion of crafting because of industry fads. Beersgiving also honors those who sacrifice on a daily basis fighting for our freedom to create near and far.

“We don’t enjoy people deciding if we can craft because of a trend or dollar sign. In the same way we don’t believe our veterans and military families should only be honored because of a holiday.”

– Presenting Brewer, Kevin Braithwaite: Fort Worth, Texas

“Beersgiving is incredibly important because it highlights the fact that none of us are alone and we all need to understand it is ok to ask for help.”

– Sergeant Dennis Guy, Craft Beer Marketer: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It is an important part of the Beergiving mission to honor those whose freedoms and lives may be cut short from the risks they take to protect our pursuits while recognizing their struggles.

Beersgiving kicks off Black Friday at the new HQ of Island to Island Brewery in North Texas with a food and beer pairing exclusively for industry professionals to unwind and rekindle their passions.

The next Beersgiving event will also take place in North Texas at Outbrew Brewing located at 7135 John W. Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, TX 75247 on February 22, 2020. It will be open to the public, inviting in families with children to enjoy an afternoon of family bonding in Honor of Military Families who support our Veterans. RSVP to attend:


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